Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Story of a File


Hi, my name is Filey and i'm... well... a file. I got a story to tell you, something that happened to me when i was just bought. Well, it all started at the Popular bookshop.

"Mom. Mom. I want this file for my Science worksheets, could you buy this one for me? It has a variety of splendid colours that matches. Please buy this file for me. "exclaimed Mary. Her Mother replied," Of course you can have it, at least its for school worksheets. You can use this to help you revise the chapters of Science after you have filed up your work." Mother gave the money Mary needed to buy the file and she dashed to the counter once she grabbed the money. After buying the file, Mary and her Mother went home so that Mary can start filing up her work.

"I'm going to name you Filey since your a file. "Mary said at home while filing. The next day when she went to school, her classmates was jealous of her spectacular looking file, especially Cheryl, her classmate that always makes fun of her. Cheryl stared at the file, thinking how the file matches Mary's elegance. Cheryl thought she was one of the cool kids and never dared making fun of her again. She envied Mary and thinking repeatedly about having a fancy looking file like hers. A few months later, when it was Mary's birthday, her family and siblings came to her house a celebrated Mary's birthday.

Everybody that attended Mary's birthday gave her presents of all shapes and sizes. She was thankful just by seeing how many boxes of presents they had gave. She opened all her presents leaving her Grandmother's present, Mary had loved her Grandmother always and she reserved this present for the last. After she opened the presents, its time to open her Grandmother's present. When she opened, she saw a file in there but Mary did not always liked it because it looked rather old. Her Grandmother said, "You always wanted a file right? Well, heres one." She did not want to make her Grandmother upset or disappointed so she kept and used it.

The day after her birthday, at school, she brought her old looking file that her Grandmother had given to her and left the one that she always brought at home. Cheryl, being a busybody, went to her desk and saw her file, she burst out of laughter and went telling other classmates about it. When all of her classmates knew about this, they all laughed at her. Poor little Mary was sad and she sobbed at a corner. One day, she picked up the courage she needed and told her Grandmother, "Grandmother, to be honest, i really don't like the file that you gave me at my birthday, i'm sorry. I actually have a file already and I liked it very much." Her Grandmother laughed and lauded, "You don't have to be sorry, you have grown up and you also have the courage to tell your own Grandmother. Don't worry about that file i gave you, you can use the previous one that you have."

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