Sunday, 23 March 2014


  • How are EL so far?
  • How am I doing in EL?
  • How can the teachers help?
The English lesson is not too bad, there is still a lot more to learn about English. I do enjoy English lessons and it is sometimes interesting. English is one of my favourite subjects because there are some stories that appear in comprehension open-ended or worksheets that I like mostly when its interesting. I am doing good and not bad for my English but I would like to improve more and achive my goals. I would like to score well for my English because English it is an important subject. I would not only like to score well for English but for other subjects too. The teachers could help me by giving activities for grammer and vocabulary. I am weak at comprehension, so the teachers could also explain and emphasize more on how to score well for comprehension. I hope I can improve English.