Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Book Review

Name: Damien Toh
Class: 1E1
Date: 1/7/14 (posted on 2/7/14)

Name of the Book: A Great Big Story
Author: Enid Blyton

Description: Its a story about a hardworking and friendly girl named Janet, who got accused of stealing by classmates spreading horrid rumors to all of her friends. It started when Janet lost her rubber, she told Miss Brown, her teacher, and she let Janet go to the cupboard to take a new rubber for herself. At the end of the morning, she went to the next room and opened the cupboard door to take a new rubber and slipped it to her pocket. Suddenly, Rachel, her classmate, passed by and saw Janet taking the rubber from the cupboard, silly Rachel thought Janet was taking it without Miss Brown knowing. She stood and stared, then went off to tell Sally, her friend, she was told about the rumor and added up that she wouldn't be surprised if she took a pencil too. After that, Sally came across Jack, who liked Sally, he said that Janet was stealing a rubber and a pencil in Miss Brown's special cupboard, which no one is allowed to go to. Jack felt disgusted of Sally and shan't go to tea with her that he had planned to. Jack started telling Harry that she stole and Harry also added that she stole his ruler too. Kate came looking at Harry's frowning face at Janet and asked what happened. Harry told Kate that Janet is a bad and naughty girl who steals things and by the time that Friday came, poor Janet hadn't a single friend, she was dreadfully unhappy because the children treated her so unkindly. Miss Brown found her sobbing at the end of Friday morning, and told her that she will find out whats the matter. Miss Brown spoke to Kate, Kate told that Harry told her Janet stolen his ruler. Then, Miss Brown asked Harry and tole her that Jack told him Janet stole. She also asked Jack and replied that Sally told her and Sally told Miss Brown that Rachel told her the rumors. The next week on the Monday morning, everybody came to class, Miss Brown told everybody to apologize to Janet for making the story that she stole. Janet ended up getting all her friends back and they would not tell such stories without knowing what really happened again.

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