Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Struggles and how I overcame it(Draft 2)

Name:Damien Toh
Draft 2

The week before I had my PSLE, I was anxious about it. I had to revise the subjects thoroughly for my PSLE, my parents forbid me to watch the television, play computer games and use my phone. I had to bare a week or two waiting for PSLE to be over so that I can do what I wanted to do after the examination. I said to myself that PSLE is coming...

 I was not confident about getting good marks for the examination. When I sat down for the examination the first day, I was scared that I might fail for the examination, my heart was pumping non-stop, the pressure was tense. I couldn't stop thinking about the negative thoughts that might happen to me. I gave in my effort and tried my best to complete the examination paper for the first day. The only positive thought I could think of is getting outstanding marks with flying colours. As time passes by, each day, I gain confidence of doing my examination papers. That is how I had the confidence to do my papers. The subject that dislike most is Mother Tongue.

 Sometimes if there is still time after the papers are handed in and the bags are received, the teacher would tell the students taking the examination jokes to release the stress and encourages us to do well for the next paper. I learned that the teachers not only teaches us but they help and want us to do well and have a good future. The teacher only scolded us for a good reason.

The teachers also gave us additional supplementary with extended hours before PSLE to get ready. I promised myself to work hard for the test, so, after school when I am dismissed, I tend to run home and revise for my next subject. When PSLE is over, I thought to myself : Finally, PSLE is over! I could do anything that I want for the two to three months. But I couldn't be completely sure of that, could I? There's more... the results for the examination, everybody in my class dared not to open the letter containing the results that we received at school. All of my classmates predicted they did badly. I was afraid of opening it but I had to know my marks. I opened it and saw my results, it was devastating for me. A number, 192, was written on it. I had to also choose my school, that was a problem for me and my parents. And I ended up in Chong Boon Secondary School.

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